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                    Barbara's Theater Performance      The BARBARA E. Miller (Belmont & Burlingame) houses are Barbara E. MIller's because she is a married Bossier and a wife when she was kidnapped  and raped by her current trustee of her scammed non-sale of her physical fully  paid for houses again - and remains Greedy Phydophiles Crowds hostage by  scammed money.  (She is the last wealthiest-woman-who-ever-lived)  But, mainly the above is truth because of several reasons: 1.   The "house" was never sold by the real Titled Owner or Barbara E. Miller. 2.   BARBARA'S adopted (finally by her) not natual parents (some questionable)      caused the actual death of her legal royal son at birth and all of the house      was hers twice over as the True God has written in the Holy Scriptures that if      a death occurs in a pregnant woman' struggle then the assaulter owes full re-      commence from the offender(S).  The tru

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