Barbara's Theater Performance

     The BARBARA E. Miller (Belmont & Burlingame) houses are Barbara E.
MIller's because she is a married Bossier and a wife when she was kidnapped 
and raped by her current trustee of her scammed non-sale of her physical fully 
paid for houses again - and remains Greedy Phydophiles Crowds hostage by 
scammed money.  (She is the last wealthiest-woman-who-ever-lived)  But, mainly
the above is truth because of several reasons:

1.   The "house" was never sold by the real Titled Owner or Barbara E. Miller.

2.   BARBARA'S adopted (finally by her) not natual parents (some questionable)
     caused the actual death of her legal royal son at birth and all of the house
     was hers twice over as the True God has written in the Holy Scriptures that if
     a death occurs in a pregnant woman' struggle then the assaulter owes full re-
     commence from the offender(S).  The trustee owes Barbara E. Miller a re-
     commence of Barbara as an orphan at birth for theft of her lifetime family
     house of the Holy Scriptures principle of Seven Times as much.

3.     Strangers / imposters off the policed street Set Up by a scammed "Stolen
     from her "World's Best Driver" driver's license and with the same slander
     mongering Medical Malpractice Use Rue (instead of marriage)  Police lies
     and slander;se;y drew up false statement documents about her person as 
     disabled -- somehow by the True God -- as she is His worshipper and put the
     slandering into a Barbara's Trust from Her House Sale all based on the Un-
     Scriptural practice of grand larceny grand theft .... based on judging her
     ability as a Bachelor's of Arts Credentialed teacher and many years with 
     Recreation Director work of about 18 years.
     A scamming relative (of policing) set up RN nurse after I was forced into
     my Court Case Hostage Hold Scamming Issue a false imposter trustee friend
     that was against her good reputed name and person (with NAME).
     A Private Trustee William G. Chaddock who was a false name too like
     Mafia Pilots or her greatest wealth royalty thieves hardly ever seen again 
     has become a Mafia (of Mafias) underling and Puppet of the Devil's 
     Puppetry who put the scammed money house sale back into Barbara E. 
     Miller's HOUSE and THUS CHANGED it's ownership.
4.   Perhaps, all the Stolen Property (grand larceny work) is yelling back at 
     the Mafias of Mafias ' (while their becoming an Unforgiveable Sin) success
     and throwing their futility and guiltiness back into their own lives and 
     activity as "Jail Time" for them with Malice.

        BARBARA E. Miller-Bossier 



  1. The Recorders' Office of San Mateo County was found to have my hired Trustee who has stolen my scammed into place Trust Money and bought my never by me sold house(s) putting William Gorham Chaddock' name on the residences of Titled Owner Barbara E. Miller's Lifetime in non sold by "Titled Ownership from Birth" houses of Three Residences and two house rentals.

    1. BARBARA states that the assault on her house (originally one from Burlingame) began in 1993 when a gun was pointed at her face from inside the front door of her house by Jail, Jepathe, Jali (Sanderlison) (name is not certain) who supposedly worked for her imposter father and her
      imposter father knocked it out of Jali’s hand; and, when BARBARA was caused to knock again her imposter father had
      blood running from his forehead and BARBARA left with the sounds of five silenced gun shots inside BARBARA’S house. BARBARA Miller-Bossier is the legal owner and Titled Owner of her houses all but one PAID FOR IN FULL IN HER LIFETIME by Surrogated Parents.

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  2. Due to a Bible Study with a C. Baker, Barbara Tiger Cat of five years was brutally heard murdered by
    Maserati's owner of one time at the location where she resides.

  3. My first house was as a baby in Burlingame, California and bought by my "wealthiest royality parents with one child who ever lived my legal father and mother".

  4. The Jehovah's Witnesses have hissed they might be the serious sins in the Holy Bible stated as such about thieves and murderers with threats and perhaps of innocent 'helping parent substitutes of mine' for my whole lifetime (adopted) killing them -- even for their honest lifetime daily work earnings -- the price of two houses fully paid for (done by
    honest Bible Based earning a living at four jobs my adopted father had) My childhood house was paid for by my legal King Charles 'perhaps' father hissed sellers having stole from my royal parents' money --- my theives of the Kings and Queens of many countries I lived my life as a real royal princess child of with nothing but it's reality to date. Wiliam G. Chaddock (perhaps Meyers the Jehovah's Witness set up who may be my murderer at one years' old and my fathers' too) hissed as new "trustee of mine from court" that he has my legal parents legal paperwork in his hand and will give it to me "ha-ha-ha". He never did and Chaddock the murder threatener threatens to give my blood and life to the Queens and Kings set up by the THEIVES OF MY ROYAL MONEY _ JEWELS_AND PROPERTY O HOUSES to the English newly weds next for Madamn Thousands' Wax Museaum. Truly a unique set of murderous hate filled crime and thievery meant to all come and fall back on top of the wicked murderous thieves and murderers not only as "an eye for and eye" but as eternal dense darkness and eventually eternal destruction before the Lord of all faithful ones deserving salvation.


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